Project Details

    Client: Syncrude

    Completion Date: April 2008

    Industry Sector: Mining

    Area of Expertise: Dewatering / Remediation

    Services Provided

    • Construction Site Selection and Surface Evaluation
    • Subsurface Investigation and Evaluation
    • Project Risk Analysis and Decision Making Support
    • Front End and Detailed Design
    • Contingency/ERP Design
    • Contracting Strategy Evaluation and Contractor Qualification
    • Construction Monitoring, Trouble Shooting  and Contingency/ERP Implementation
    • Project Completion Summary and Project Archive

    Client Challenge

    Large volume of groundwater to be removed for oil sands mining operation.

    Entec’s Solution

    Entec provided route evaluation, geotechnical review, feasibility analysis, detailed design, contract preparation, and construction support. Geotechnical review and detailed design and planning allowed for five successful installations where a previously contractor-planned installation had failed. Complex 3-dimensional well paths allowed for maximum interception of the aquifer zone. Contract preparation (technical), and construction support was provided and was heavily influenced by the risk evaluation studies that were completed with Entec involvement.

    Results & Client Benefit

    The five horizontal dewatering wells used to form a seepage curtain replaced the need for many vertical wells. The five wells used a total of eight pumps to achieve a significant, measurable aquifer draw down and significant water infiltration reduction to the mine far above the target water infiltration reduction and far exceeding the capabilities of a vertical well system that included between one and two orders of magnitude more wells and pumps. This significant reduction in infiltration had a direct affect on the cost of mining and production that exceeded the economic goals of the project.

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