Project Details

    Client: Shell Canada

    Completion Date: November 2013

    Industry Sector: Environmental Remediation

    Area of Expertise: Dewatering / Remediation

    Services Provided

    • Construction Site Selection and Surface Evaluation
    • Subsurface Investigation and Evaluation
    • Project Risk Analysis and Decision Making Support
    • Front End and Detailed Design
    • Contingency/ERP Design
    • Contracting Strategy Evaluation and Contractor Qualification
    • Construction Monitoring, Trouble Shooting  and Contingency/ERP Implementation
    • Project Completion Summary and Project Archive

    Client Challenge

    Treatment of contaminated groundwater at a remediation site.

    Entec’s Solution

    Entec provided route evaluation including selection of the final well alignment and location, geotechnical review, feasibility analysis, detailed design, contract preparation, tendering and construction support. Detailed design entailed providing a well design that is constructible and effective at removing contaminated ground water while remaining serviceable in the future. Well screens were selected based on the unique well geometry and installation requirements. Contract preparation, tendering and construction support allowed the client to engage contractors with little experience installing wells of this nature and be successful. On site engineering support allowed construction challenges to be overcome efficiently with high quality results.

    Results & Client Benefit

    Installation of a 186-m blind well with 66-m of horizontal well screen installed along the permeable sandstone layer provides much more exposure to the contaminated water than could be achieved with multiple vertical wells. Required number of pumps and surface equipment for a given extraction zone is reduced to one pump and one well head while providing an increase in extraction capabilities.

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